Thinking of a Career Change?

A career change can be one of the most difficult decisions you make, and so a carefully thought-out plan is required before making a move. Evaluating the following aspects can help you determine what is important to you, and how you should move forward.


Evaluate the culture of the organization and carefully determine if you would be a good fit. The working environment is a key area in attracting the right people. First, identify what type of working culture best suits you. Do you prefer a fast-paced environment? Does the workplace promote a good work-life balance? Are opportunities for promotion a priority for you? Examine what working environment you consider yourself to thrive in and do your research.

Scope of the role

You may have accumulated an amazing array of experiences throughout your career. It is important to make sure your new role is going to leverage your experiences while also exposing you to new challenges that would continue your learning. Find out the scope of the role if personal development is important to you. If the expansion of scope is instrumental in pushing you to make the jump. find out everything you can at the initial stages of the process and be honest with all stakeholders throughout.

Financial and benefits

People often make ill-informed career moves when they place too much weight on financial reward.  For many, it is important that the salary on offer is progressive, but benefits, perks, and other rewards should also be considered. Reflect on the scope of the role and investigate that the entire package is fair, given the level of responsibility and comparable roles in the industry.


Location can influence people to change careers. Equally, an employment option can initially be ruled out based on location alone. Irrespective of your ‘dream job’, nobody wants to spend hours every day in traffic, driving stress levels up with a long commute eating into your down time. Take your time to evaluate how the location and commute can influence your lifestyle before you apply for a job.  The whole process could prove to be a waste of time that could have been avoided at the early stages.


Depending on your stage of maturity it is worth considering the company’s potential longevity. In other words, if this is to be a long-term position, is this company going to be around in your lifetime? This is where your extensive research comes to play by navigating the organization and getting the bigger picture. Analyze your own risk and decide whether you can afford to take it. A long-standing organization might present itself as being the safer option. But if a challenge is what you require in your career, a younger, smaller-sized firm may be what allows you to make most of an impact.

Evaluating a career move is extremely important and not something to be taken lightly. Get in touch with Staffworks to begin your new career journey.

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