Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I find the recruiting experience different at Staffworks?

    1. We’re thorough. We don’t cut corners.
    2. We’re driven – we get results fast.
    3. We educate, share, keep in touch … we’re big on human connection.
  • Why should I trust you to find me great work? There are so many agencies out there!

    Take a look at our testimonials, and you’ll see that our candidates appreciate our honesty, hard work, and professionalism. We maintain the relationships we do by pleasing candidates and clients. Give us a call – you’ll find we’re friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable.

  • How quickly can you find a temp for us?

    We’re known for going from zero-to-hero at lightning speed. As quickly as the next day (at the keyboard and working!), depending on the position.

  • We have a staffing agency but are thinking of adding a second. Do you have a process for this?

    We find the easiest way is to jump in – but at the shallow end. Give us one of your temp roles, and see us in action. Several of our best clients have come to us this way.

  • My last experience with a staffing agency didn't go well. How can you reassure me?

    We have many clients we’ve partnered with for many years, even decades. We’re organized, we stay on top of the job. We’re driven, because we know you’re in pain until you find that person. And we get results, because we’re a team of experts who look forward to solving our clients’ and candidates’ challenges every day.

  • I’m an HR manager. Can you adapt to our processes?

    It’s your recruitment process. You’re seeking a blend of respect, professionalism, and integrity? We can do that. And we offer important steps such as criminal checks, credit checks, references and personality profiles that are integral to successful recruitment.

  • You’re a boutique firm. Can you handle our demands?

    Unless your needs are exorbitant, no one can help you more than a boutique firm of sharp, driven, client-focused professionals. So much of what we’ll do for you is about alignment of expectations. That’s an artful, skilled job, on both sides of the equation. And it’s best achieved by a value-driven experienced team.

  • We need exceptional customer service people – can you find them?

    Finding capable customer service professionals who can make a great first impression is a real challenge. But they are out there, and we’re not afraid of a challenge. We know where to source the people you need. We’ll find you candidates you’ll be delighted to have on your front line.

  • Our last staffing agency didn’t deliver the person we wanted – and it got a bit ugly too.

    Working with you as partners delivers the best candidates.  Maybe your last agency didn’t ask the tough questions? We do. If there’s a tough truth to get across, we don’t shy away. It’s not always fun, but it delivers the best results.

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