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Welcome to Staffworks: Your Trusted Partner in Canadian Payroll Management

Expanding your business operations to the North? Staffworks is here to take the complexities out of payrolling in Canada.

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    Unparalleled Payroll Proficiency

    Our team of in-house payroll specialists is well-versed in Canadian regulations. Trust Staffworks to expertly navigate the complexities of payroll across all Provinces and Territories in Canada.

    Responsive and Dependable Support

    Your needs are our priority. Our dedicated customer service team stands ready to offer immediate assistance with any payroll concerns. Our commitment to superior service is echoed by our satisfied clients.

    Payroll and HR Synergy

    At Staffworks, we go beyond payroll. From visa assistance to managing Paid Time Off and expenses, we make managing Canadian payroll a seamless experience.

    Eliminate Data Inaccuracies

    Say goodbye to inconsistent reporting from multiple systems. With Staffworks, you can rely on a unified process and a single point of contact for each province, reducing the potential for errors.

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    Completely Handled: More Than a Payroll Service

    StaffWorks goes beyond the ordinary. We ensure complete compliance, mitigating risks that you can’t afford to miss.

    • Onboarding
      Welcoming new team members is crucial. At Staffworks, we streamline your onboarding process, ensuring a warm welcome and efficient integration for your new hires in Canada.
    • Compliance and Remittance
      Regulatory compliance in a foreign country can be overwhelming, but not with Staffworks. Our dedicated team stays up-to-date with the ever-changing Canadian employment and taxation laws to ensure your business remains compliant. We handle your remittance to Revenue Canada, saving you the complexity and time investment of doing it in-house.
    • Workers Compensation
      In the event of a workplace accident, Staffworks ensures your business complies with the required workers’ compensation regulations in Canada. We handle the process from start to finish, alleviating the stress and administrative burden from your team.
    • Administration Services
      Staffworks is equipped to manage all your payroll administrative tasks. From time tracking and benefits administration to payroll processing and year-end reporting, we simplify the complexities of running a cross-border operation.
    • Human Resources Support and Management
      With Staffworks, you gain a partner that extends beyond payroll. We provide comprehensive HR support and management services tailored to fit your specific business needs. Our seasoned HR professionals are trained to handle everything from onboarding to offboarding, ensuring a seamless HR experience for your team.
    • Risk Mitigation
      Canadian and US Employment Standards differ significantly exposing you to potential risks and expense. Staffworks assists in managing potential payroll and HR-related risks. Our team works closely with your business to implement best practices and secure processes.
    • Severance Compliance / ROE
      At the end of an employment relationship, there are unique Canadian regulations that must be followed. Our experts handle the severance process and the issuance of Records of Employment (ROE), ensuring a smooth transition and total compliance with Canadian labour laws.

    Don’t let cross-border payroll and HR complexities hinder your business growth. Expand into the Canadian market with confidence, with Staffworks as your trusted partner. Contact us today to learn more about our tailor-made solutions for U.S. companies expanding to Canada.

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    Navigating the cross-border payroll landscape can be a daunting task. Our specialized suite of services is designed to streamline operations, maintain compliance, and ensure that your workforce remains your primary focus. From employment standards compliance to records of employment (ROE), Staffworks is your one-stop solution for all your Canadian payroll needs.

    Discover Our Employer of Record Services

    Simplify hiring!
    Don’t waste time and effort establishing an entity in Canada. Let Staffworks take care of all your HR needs in every province. Partner and grow with us.

    • We shoulder the liability
      StaffWorks handles the fine details to ensure compliance with contracts, wages, terminations, and other provincial employment standards.
    • Invest less time in payroll
      With a single bulk payment, pay your entire team. Leave the details such as tax deductions, pensions, benefits, and government fees to us. With Staffworks, EOR is a one-stop, hassle-free solution.

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    Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

    Saba, client since 2012

    Once again it was wonderful to work with Staffworks. You have a brilliant staffing team! Hope you and your staff reach new heights and may Staffworks be the best in recruitment industry!

    Ismat, client since 2002

    Our company has been working with Staffworks over the past 15 years. We wish Staffworks, under Sandra Sears’ leadership, congratulations on their 20th anniversary and continued success in the future!

    Tatiana, client for 10+ years

    Without your dedication and hard work – often under tight timelines – it would be very difficult for us to meet our project deadlines. Your hard work is recognized! And very much appreciated!

    Frequently Asked Questions!

    • How does Staffworks improve the efficiency of my business's payroll process?

      Staffworks simplifies payroll processing by automating routine tasks. We handle everything from time and attendance tracking to tax calculation and filing, helping to minimize errors and free up your team for other business-critical tasks.

    • Is Staffworks suitable for small businesses or is it only for larger organizations?

      Staffworks is flexible and scalable, catering to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business owner or you’re running a large corporation, we can customize our services to match your specific payroll needs.

    • How does Staffworks ensure the security of my payroll data?

      Staffworks take data security very seriously. We use advanced encryption and other security measures to protect your data. Plus, we regularly update our systems to guard against new security threats.

    • Does Staffworks offer payroll services for businesses with employees in multiple provinces?

      Yes, Staffworks has the capability to handle multi-province payroll. We have expertise in dealing with various tax jurisdictions, ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing regardless of where your employees are located.

    • How easy is it to switch to Staffworks from another payroll service provider?

      Staffworks makes the transition as smooth as possible. We assist with the migration of your existing payroll data and ensure everything is set up correctly in our system, resulting in minimal disruption to your business operations.

    • How does Staffworks keep its payroll service up-to-date with legislative changes?

      Provincial payroll requirements change frequently!

      Staffworks has a dedicated team that monitors changes in payroll-related legislation. We update our systems in real time and our clients remain compliant. Staffworks ensures you never fall behind with your remittances, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

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