Mastering the Art of the Workcation

How do you stay productive in summer? How do you balance work and fun? It’s all about mastering the art of the workcation.

By: Sandra Sears
August 14th, 2023

Sandra is the owner and founder of Staffworks. Follow along and read more insights every Friday on her LinkedIn.

I recently spent a week at our family cottage on Manitoulin Island, but I didn’t take all that time off of work. Working remotely certainly has its perks—but with that job benefit comes a challenge: remaining productive when the gorgeous Canadian summer is beckoning you outside.

There are a few ways I balance my time during the summer to make sure that the work gets done—but the fun happens, too.

Prioritize & Simplify

Identify your most critical tasks for the day and focus on completing them first. By streamlining your to-do list (and then checking things off), you create a sense of accomplishment that frees you up for guilt-free outdoor enjoyment.

Time Blocking

Try time blocking. Assign specific time slots to certain tasks, but allocate dedicated work hours as well as time for breaks and outdoor activities. Knowing that you have a set time for both work and play can boost your efficiency and motivation.

Realistic Expectations

Set realistic expectations for what you can accomplish in a day. Overloading yourself with tasks can lead to frustration and burnout. A balanced approach ensures you complete your work, maintain your mental health, and leave ample time for unwinding.

Minimize Distractions

When I’m at the cottage, there’s often beautiful chaos happening around me—awesome for family time, less helpful for getting work done. Try carving out a space for yourself where you can commit your allocated hours to work. The more focused you can be, the sooner you can get outside.

Learn to Adapt

Summer is for spontaneity, which is great, but that can be a stretch for a routine-minded worker. Embrace summer’s fluidity by being adaptable. Flexible work arrangements allow you to say “yes” to an impromptu barbecue invite without compromising your productivity.

Any plans for these final weeks of summer? How are you making the most of your August while staying on top of your work commitments? If your staff is all on holiday and you need temporary staff, even for a few days, message me today and let’s talk.

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