5 Onboarding Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them)

A good onboarding experience plays an important role in making sure that new employees enjoy their role and ultimately stay at the company.

Here are five onboarding mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to keep that dream hire.

Neglecting your employer brand

This is your company’s personality, culture and values. Candidates will have looked into your company’s reputation before applying for and accepting the role. Further educate your new employee by showing them videos or other content you might have that portrays your employer brand.

Starting too late

The onboarding process should begin from the moment the candidate accepts the job offer. If the employee is not starting their role for a number of weeks or months, it is important that you stay in contact with them during this time so they begin to feel like part of the team. Send employees all the necessary paperwork they have to fill out and keep in touch in the lead up to their start date.

Not introducing coworkers

Starting a new job is daunting, especially in a big office. Take the time to introduce them to the team. Show them all the different departments in the company and introduce them to the relevant people. It’s also helpful to point out any other new starters so they know they’re not alone.

Not preparing the workspace

If your new hire is working on-site, they should be provided with a workspace as soon as they enter your company. Whether your employee is working remotely or in-person, you should prepare any equipment they might need to complete their tasks. This will give new hires a certain sense of security as they will have a base to return to throughout the day.

Providing too many documents

Finally, you can’t just set a new employee down with a 200-page manual and expect them to figure it all out. A modern employee training strategy should consist of shorter, focused segments which will allow the new employee to better absorb and retain the information. Video and one-on-one teaching are far more practical for the onboarding process.

Staffworks has over 20 years of experience seamlessly onboarding new hires. Get in touch with our team to learn how we can work together!

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