How to Get the Most Out of Your Performance Review

Is there a way to turn what is often an awkward, strained conversation with your boss into a meaningful exchange which serves as a tool to motivate and drive you for the year to come?

Here’s how you can prepare and maximize your performance review:

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Spend time reviewing your previous year; revert to last year’s review, particularly the section outlining goals. Explain to your manager in a clear, measurable fashion how you achieved those goals, what success you attained and what contribution you made to the business by achieving your target. In the event that these goals were not achieved, don’t brush it under the carpet in the hope that it will slip your manager’s mind. Instead, confidently broach the subject and advise why these goals were not achieved; did the remit of your role change within the year therefore changing your focus? Was there insufficient training to support their achievement?

Talk your boss’s language

How does your company measure success? Translate your performance over the previous months into financial terms, and interpret your input into the business commercially. Furthermore, strengthen your case with testimonials or customer feedback which can speak volumes about your own performance. Dedicate time and thought into what you want to achieve in the upcoming year. How can the business support this growth? This is the time to communicate to your boss your worth and potential; so invest time into how you are going to convince them of their return on investment.


When discussing salary review, refer to external sources to benchmark on similar salaries in the market place. Above all, communicate in a cool, calm and professional manner. Now is not the time for emotional outbursts.

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