Interview Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer

If you want to impress a potential employer at interview, ask credible questions about the company and/or position. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate the position and workplace culture,  and more importantly, you can demonstrate your interest in, and engagement with the role. However, make sure to only ask questions that you can’t find answers to yourself. Read on for a few examples of interview questions:

What first attracted you to the company and what is your background?

This will help you build rapport and get a deeper understanding of your interviewer and the organization. 

What skills or competencies do you value most for this role?

Once you get this answer you can reiterate your strengths in these areas.

What are the challenges that someone would face in this role and how do you think these would best be handled?

This acknowledges that you are prepared and expect to face challenges in a new role.

How will my performance be measured in the role?

This is your opportunity to uncover the key performance indicators and relate them back to your experience.

What challenges does the business face? What makes the company different from competitors?

This demonstrates your ability to think strategically and commercially and see the bigger picture; you are looking beyond the role and showing real interest in the company.

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