To RTO or Not RTO?

Have you or your team been discussing to concept of returning to the office? Maybe considering implementing a hybrid work model? Read on for important factors to consider when debating the all-important question: to RTO or not to RTO?

woman ponders: to RTO or not to RTO?

By: Sandra Sears
July 28th, 2023

Sandra is the owner and founder of Staffworks. Follow along and read more insights every Friday on her LinkedIn.

To RTO or Not to RTO?

Where do you stand on the return to office (RTO) debate? I’ve been thinking a lot about bringing my team back to the office in some form. Should it be a shared space, leased space or owned space? Optional, mandated, full-time or hybrid? Implementing the right RTO for your business requires careful consideration and an open dialogue with your team members. Is a return to office life right for your organization? Consider this:


Consider individual circumstances as well as how the group benefits. Flexibility will be vital when accommodating employees’ needs.


This is the bedrock of any successful transition. Engage in open dialogue and actively listen to employees’ concerns and suggestions. This fosters trust and collaboration, allowing management to make well-informed decisions.


Possibly a win-win solution, this model offers flexibility and can empower team members to find a balance that suits their personal and professional lives. The result? A productivity boost and job satisfaction. Just be sure to clearly determine your in-office expectations.


Perhaps not all roles require a full-time, in-office presence. Analyze team functions to determine which positions are better suited for in-office work and which ones may thrive in a remote setup.


The transition back to the office presents an opportunity to reshape your workplace culture. Take this chance to promote collaboration, innovation, and employee growth. Re-establish a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the physical workspace to ensure a successful RTO.

What are your thoughts on returning to in-office work—and what model is working best for you, your business, and your team? At Staffworks, we have a roster of part-time, full-time, and temporary employees ready to fill whatever position you require.

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